Friday, March 27, 2009

I got my braces off!!! WHOOOO!
Heidi's Reception- First Friend's wedding!

A little Recap

So I am not a blogger officially. But an update. The interview went well from my perspective. I have been waiting these last couple months to hear back from the school. The interviews ended a couple weeks ago... SO I should be hearing SOMETHING soonish. Prayers are always good!
In the meanwhile I have been going to school taking 13 credit hours and I just picked up 4 more this week. Also I have been working my patooty off as an ortho assistant. I still like it a lot. I'm kind of a grown up assistant now because I have gotten to do so much more lately, like putting a whole mouth of brackets on.
I can't wait to get more information about school so that I can make a decision about where to go next fall if I don't get into school.
Lots of people want me to move to Provo. But I do have a steady job here that I could do full time in the fall.
AROUND and round and round she goes.. where she stops.. nobody knows....


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