Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sexy Lip Bite

This is the infamous Sexy Lip bite. The sexy lip bite all started with my dear friend Austin. We were lounging around watching "That Thing You Do" when he commented that Liv Tyler was so sexy when she did her lip bite. I said "Hey I can do that too". I demonstrated MY Sexy Lip Bite.. and Austin agreed.. it was quite sexy.

The SLB has been seen and performed on many occasions. I tend to find that most people enjoy
it. It has become... my signature you might just say.

But If you try and steal it from me... I might be quite upset. As you can see.
Marina was in so much trouble.

However... It is also great fun to share it with friends... especially when you are all so very wet from a down pour!

Oasis Orthodontics

This was my last day at Oasis! I miss them oodles. Kristina, Erica, and I had so much fun together! I think I fell on the floor laughing like 6 times with these ladies! On the last day, they gave me 6 balloons. By the time I made it home on my scooter, of them had flown away. And I cried. It was a tough day. I love Oasis Ortho! I learned so much there, had fun, and grew up and even down a little.


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