Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Master of the Probe

So today I started my first Mock Appointment. This is a run through of an entire appointment on a classmate before I have my first outside patient. There are 59 girls that I could have been partnered with... and I got the 1 that I didn't ever want to work on. We will call her Sarah.
So the worst part of an adult cleaning is the probing (sticking a metal stick up under your gums on every tooth in little spot possible). So after I perform this stressful act on my "patient", my teacher has to come check my work. He takes a look at my instrument and with confusion explains that the probes we use are kind of thicker than usual. My "patient" then exclaims,"Oh that must have been why it hurt so dang much! I mean seriously, if you are that bad, your patients are going to hate you so much. I hope that it's that your probe is bad!"
Yes, she just insulted me A LOT right to my face and right in front of my instructor. Luckily I had a mask on because my mouth dropped, and I mouthed a rude word.
At the end of the day while I was cleaning up and chatting with my teacher, I said that I thought I must be like the world's worst prober. He whispered, " well it's a lot harder when the patient is really sensitive". That made me feel better because what he was really saying was.." Yeah that B is a baby. Don't worry about it!"...... Thanks Professor M!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Real Hygienist

So in a few days I will become a real hygienist. I start working on real patients! I am quite thrilled, plus also, a little scared. It is going to be a lot of work and pretty darn stressful for a while. To recruit my patients (especially the ones with really really bad teeth), Alyssa and I designed a business card and flyer to attract attention!

Pretty dang cute huh? Yeah we know.

So if you want to spend 3 amazing hours with me too... just give me a call ;)


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