Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Wendy is exhausted!!!

So this summer I kept myself very busy by participating in Annie Get Your Gun. It started out as a very awful experience. I even tried to quit, but the production crew wouldn't let me.

It got better though....

I became better acquainted with a few loves of my life.

Mark is such a lovely human!! I adore him to death. He keeps me vain and encourages me all the time.
Love him!!

This is Emily. She is the most lovely lady I have ever met. She and Mark are now dating.... and might I just say... the perfect match.

I love her, I love him. = magic

I also went to school ALL SUMMER!! It was long and.... long.

Now I am way burnt out starting this semester out.
I don't know what it is about this semester, but it drains me completely by the end of the day. When it is over I am going to have a super big celebration. Not even kidding.

The best part of coming back to school is that Marina and I are now together. I had to say goodbye to my lovely Meringue House, but this Sugar Shack is growing on me. AND Marina is with me. It has been so great for the both of us I think. We need each other. At least for now.

We have had more fun in these last few weeks than we have had in years. Best Friends Forever!!!
For some reason this girl and I are perfect for one another. The day we find boys that make us laugh more than we make each other laugh.... that will be the day of true love.

Now I'm back to my life of stress and nausea. I love that. New meds= joy. Or not
But on the bright side.... my insides should be healthier. :)

Life is good. Even though it makes me tired.

So happy right now!!



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