Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When you live in an old house, sometimes you get to discover treasures. The treasure I discovered was a package. This package contained 3 letters. They are addressed to a Miss Carolyn from a Mr. Pat LeFave.

From what I can infer, Miss Carolyn is a Wendy. She has attracted a lost boy. Or actually, more like a lost man. This is the first letter of the series:

Picture This....
A card.
A picture of the Western Hemisphere.
A word bubble that says :"You're here" in the area of Utah
Another word bubble that says: "I'm here", pointing to New York.

Something kinda like that^

You open this card....



Thought I would write and give your mind a break from Academia. Last time we talked it reminded me of the frat house I stayed as, 10 people answer the phone and no one takes a message- Signs "Girl in Bathroom", too much partying. Thinking your rich with $20.00 in your pocket- Striving with EGO's everyday. Thought about you since I've met you - seems these past 3 weeks my life has slowed down for some reason, and you have been on my mind often. I keep thinking back to the time we were sitting together during that testimony meeting - you said to stop that young girl because you wanted to speak to her. There was a tone in your voice that seemed to go right through me- I'd never experienced it before, and still can't put my finger on it. Hope you're enjoying life and that your struggles aren't too hard. (this is when the letter extended to the back of the card.) But if they (are/do)(the studies) remember the men are doing the hard stuff! Just kidding, I'll be your fan! Anyway I'm hoping to see you again soon- New Years- Love Pat Will call again - If you Don't rush me off the phone like the last two times.


To me... this character screams lost boy. "If you don't rush me off the phone like the last two times," He is dripping with passive aggression.

Oh and don't worry... this story gets better.
ps.. This is not my spelling. I just transferred the letter exactly as written.


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