Monday, November 22, 2010

While You were Sleeping

About a month passed. I didn’t see CAT for quite some time, and if I did it was friendly and brief.
All of a sudden… I could feel him wiggling his way back into my life. But it was ok.. because he knew that we were JUST FRIENDS. I told him. He said he got it. We were buddies!!! Right?
So there I was. Sitting at home alone. Everyone was gone for that entire night.
So I started to watch a movie by myself. I then got a call from Carlton Archibald Toupee he said he was passing me and asked if he could stop by. I said, “yeah sure. I am just watching a movie and then I am going to go to bed. You can come say hi for a bit.”
So he did.
We watched whatever movie I was watching and he sat a comfortable distance away from me.
But I was weak. I could not keep my eyes open. So I gave in and drifted off to sleep.
A FEW hours later, I was awakened in a very strange way. It took me several minutes to really realize what was going on.
The rest of this story is not nice. You do not have to continue reading. I am taking a more serious approach because this was not ok.
Carton Archibald Toupee had his tongue down my throat. But something was wrong with me. I could not fully wake up and process what was happening.
I was still asleep and my body was fighting to go back to that state. My mind was fighting to be in control.
My eyes rolled open and closed, but my contacts were all foggy and I couldn’t see. I couldn’t move my limbs.
He tried to. I could feel him lift my arms around his neck and position my chin.
I finally could sense how unsafe the situation really was. I got that panic fight or flight, tightness in my chest and was able to gain control of my arms. I put them to his chest and pushed away from him.
He asked me, “What’s wrong? Have you never been kissed like this before?”
Like THIS… umm… NO!
I told him he needed to get off of me and go home. I was able to stand and attempt to walk him out and slam the door.
However, I didn’t achieve my goal. I was slammed up against the door frame and again, his tongue went down my throat.
He pulled away for one second to whisper, “Oh man, you are just so hot.” Then he dove back in.
I finally built up enough strength to pry him off of me.
He asked, “What are you thinking?”
I replied with a look of pure disgust, “Well, I am thinking that you totally just crossed a line.”
He started freaking out a little bit saying things like: No, no, nothing happened. It’s ok. It was good. Now we are more than just friends.
I interrupted at that last comment with, “No Carlton. We are not more than friends now. I am never going to date you. THIS is never going anywhere.”
He pushed my hair behind my ear, smiled and said, “You are just really tired. I think you should go get some sleep and I think you’ll feel differently about it in the morning.”
That made me vomit in my mouth.
“No, Carlton. I will not feel differently in the morning. You need to go and you aren’t allowed to talk to me anymore.”
I pushed him from the door, closed it, and locked it.
Needless to say, I finally learned my lesson from Carlton Archibald Toupee.
Yes, I was really dumb. I should have decided to banish him long before. I was in a very unsafe situation, which could have gotten out of control in seconds. It was really a miracle that I was able to gain control of the situation.
Now I have rules that I don’t break.
You should make some too.


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