Saturday, September 26, 2009

To You, YES YOU... who read.

So if you read my blog, you should leave a comment. That way I know who is getting an eyeful about my life and also, those who's spirits I may be touching. Really deep down to the pit. Oh and if you don't have an account or something so can't leave one... just send me a little facebook tid bit r something.


I Hope I Never Go Insane

There is a sad fact about life. Pregnant women are crazy. For the 9 months that they are with child, they could probably be institutionalized. They probably should. Men around the world would be much safer.
Another, somewhat crazy thing about life, is that girls' clocks start ticking. Oh yes. And way earlier than they should or often are wanted. At about, eh, 20, every time a girl sees a baby, her heart does a little flip. And then it sinks, because well she doesn't have one (That is if she doesn't already. They are popping them out pretty early now a days). But then she gets her active imagination going. And Oh how it goes! She'll start with thinking about cute clothes that she would dress her baby in. Then grows into "Oh that name would be so perfect!"... And THEN it quickly progresses (hurdles actually)... to "Oh well HE would make beautiful babies with me". Yes that is what happens when a girl sees a baby. But what most of "THAT GIRL" fails to think about is the 9 months of having her eggo- preggo.

She will be insane. When her doting husband is so busy that he fails to do the dishes the first time she asks, she will cry. NO, she will sob and become absolutely hysterical. There will be no reasoning. This hysteria will hurdle to become chaos. There will most likely be a battle. Words of hatred will fly and she will definitely try to do some serious damage to that oh so confused hubby. He will even do the dishes, but it won't help. She'll lock her self in the bathroom to "cool off", but instead it is actually so hot in there that she gets even more agitated. She'll storm out and tell him to leave because she doesn't like him right now. And then she'll start acting like she is 4 and pouting until she throws her self onto the bed. Not until this moment when dear hubby is being super sweet to her, does she slightly recognize that she is being a little bit ridiculous. But will she admit it and apologize? OH Heck NO! She is way too strong of a woman to do THAT. So she guilts poor the poor boy until he leaves her and brings her gifts later.

This behavior is widely accepted in these here United States. I am sure that it is accepted in many other parts of the world, I just have never been there.
How can a husband look at his wife the same way if she acts like she is 4?

I have chosen to educate myself on this issue, so that when the days come when my loins are fertile, I don't become "THAT PREGGO". I would hope too that if anyone starts to sense that my sanity is slipping, that they would call me out on it. BUT if I am just way too proud to admit it... please send me away!
I do pray it never comes to that. I will try my oh so hardest, to not be crazy.
But once those darn hormones go haywire, I really can't promise anything. Just be a pal and be honest with me. If your honesty triggers an attempt at your life, I think that will be a sign to me that I probably shouldn't have more kids.
This however, is my declare: I will be a pleasant pregnant woman. I hear by claim that I refuse to go insane!

This is becomes an official document with my signature.

Cara Dodini

Monday, September 21, 2009

I would like to move into my closet

I would like to move into my closet because it is actually quite spacious. I could close the door and no one would even think to look for me in there. Because, really, what 20 year old girl would move into her closet? I would do it. Just for a little while. Maybe until things didn't feel so strange. Or maybe until I became queen of the world and I could make things fall into place just like they do in my head. My head is a very fun place. It is quite perfect and undoubtedly amazing. There is a detailed and colorful mental image flowing through constantly. Plus also, it is the best musical you'd ever see. Really.

So since I can't hide out in my closet, nor can I join the circus, I am trying to be more present in my current state in life. But it's hard, because I don't really want to. This doesn't feel like home and I have the thought creep into my head that I don't need new friends... I already have some at home. But home is a long ways away. However, my friends are pretty great and they hold my heart and keep me connected to them. We could just so easily move on with our lives and forget about one another. But we don't, because we fit. At least I like to think so. In my uber fascinating mind, I was kept living at home last winter and spring because I was supposed to be there and meet some of them and learn and grow with them. Well that thought makes me feel better too because at first I thought I was staying for Melanie and then she up and left. So It's nicer to think that there actually was a reason.

One of my efforts to be more present was to finish the Book of Mormon, I was off to an OK start, then Jared asked if I would read it with him by Christmas. Then we invited Marina and Brian to do it too. Marina and I are a team. The deal is that if someone doesn't finish by Christmas, that team has to buy the lift tickets of the opposing team. So we are all doing it! Which I also think is pretty freaking awesome. Yes Yes.
Now I am a scripture reading fiend. If I stay on track, I am hoping to kick everyone's trash and be done by Thanksgiving. We'll see how that goes.
I feel a little more focused now that I'm in a serious scripture study. It's good. I'm hoping this track will help me come to the understanding of God's special little mission that He has set up for me. I know it's pretty important, so I wanna figure it out pretty soon. That would be good.

OOO So apparently I glow. This only occurs when I am leading music in sacrament meeting. I have been told on many occasion after leading... "You just glow up there" I'm afraid this means that I am pregnant too. Because people say it just the way they'd say it to a prego. At least they don't ask when I'm due. That could be EMBARRASSING. For them that is.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No more sleeping in

So yesterday I agreed to start babysitting Rachel's (my sister) kids every Friday from 9-6. This means no more sleeping in until noon on my lovely Fridays. But don't worry... I still have Saturday's and Sunday's!!!!

The Chillins

Also! Samuel (da brotha) is coming home in less than 2 weeks! Oh how times flies when... you are going to school and working? Where did two years go? I was like last month that Sam was there when I had my melt down at the homecoming football game my senior year just before he left.

Pre mission WONDERS!!

Sam and THE Mongolian Princesses.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sexy Lip Bite

This is the infamous Sexy Lip bite. The sexy lip bite all started with my dear friend Austin. We were lounging around watching "That Thing You Do" when he commented that Liv Tyler was so sexy when she did her lip bite. I said "Hey I can do that too". I demonstrated MY Sexy Lip Bite.. and Austin agreed.. it was quite sexy.

The SLB has been seen and performed on many occasions. I tend to find that most people enjoy
it. It has become... my signature you might just say.

But If you try and steal it from me... I might be quite upset. As you can see.
Marina was in so much trouble.

However... It is also great fun to share it with friends... especially when you are all so very wet from a down pour!

Oasis Orthodontics

This was my last day at Oasis! I miss them oodles. Kristina, Erica, and I had so much fun together! I think I fell on the floor laughing like 6 times with these ladies! On the last day, they gave me 6 balloons. By the time I made it home on my scooter, of them had flown away. And I cried. It was a tough day. I love Oasis Ortho! I learned so much there, had fun, and grew up and even down a little.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Oil Spill

Oh OH Oh. So yesterday I changed the oil on my scooter for the first time. I came out victorious but not without causing a little bit of damage.
It all started out with me not wanting to lay on the ground outside my apartment under my scooter alone. So I scooted on over to Alyssa and Kekoa's apartment to have a little company.
Outside her place I crawled underneath Stella/ pink lightning and began the process. The cap burst off with great force due to the large spring behind it. I also underestimated how much oil was in my little guy... so it overflowed all over the road. A lot. Once the dripping ended, Alyssa made me run upstairs (since she's all prego and lazy) to get some detergent to soak up the oil. So I spread that everywhere and then climbed back on the ground. The cap and spring posed a problem. It took me like 20 minutes to get that darn thing back on since that spring was so stubborn. Meanwhile I was covered in oil. My hair had found its way into the large puddle and I literally looked like a greasy homeless man. I was wearing my tie dye shirt too... super classy.
The last step was to put oil back in. Not so easy since it was at a weird angle. Kekoa fashioned a nice funnel for me out of a water bottle !! Then I won! Alyssa gave me a D+ I give myself an A!! I was so totally champion!!


So here I am iving in Provo. And I basically hate it. It is probably one of the most overrated towns ever. It's pretty dang hard being away from home and friends. I miss some more than others but they are all missed.
One of the biggest problems I am facing here is that I can't sleep in my apartment and then when I do sleep I have a really weird and vivid dreams. They started as innocent hopeless romantic dreams and then moved to weird. Now they are scary. One of the wierd ones was that I married one of my guy friends, Nate, and it was supposed to be fake but it ended up being real.. so we decided to stay that way. The scary one was that Jared died. And no one would tell me how it happened and then everyone was all "Who are you and why are you here" when I went to the funeral type thing. The only person that would really talk to me was his little brother... but he just kept saying"these things just happen" And I was getting really upset and no one could understand why and then I woke up crying. It was awful. This is what my life is becoming.

But today Jared challened me to read the Book of Mormon by Christmas. We are trying to get other friends to join in. First We gotta think of a realy good incentive. Jared said dinner would be on him for whoever finshes.. but he needs something really good for him. The plan is that the incentive comes to me in a dream tonight. Putting those crazy things to good use.

Sam comes home on Friday and I can't wait until he comes up to visit me since I can't go home. It'll be better here once he comes up.
I need to start my count down until Thanksgiving when I get to go home! I can't wait to see some of my friends. They all were together ast night, which made me sad that I am missing out. It' s ONLY 20 months! Things can't possible change that much in that time right? I'll just keep telling myself that. Just like I keep telling my self that I LOVE singles wards. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Can you sense the sarcasm? Oh I hope so.

Well this is only the beginning of the next 20 months of cynical and desperate sounding posts!


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