Sunday, December 12, 2010


So thanks to my darling Lexie, I have come to recognize the Tinkerbells in this world and the moments that I have been a Tinkerbell.
Who is she you ask?
Tink is the girl that is stuck in the “friend zone”.
This is a really hard place to be stuck in. Why? Because it is a delusion. All the time you are spending with your Peter Pan, you feel like it is going somewhere, that there is a level of commitment and understanding. He however, is simply viewing you as his best friend. He speaks highly of you to other people and strings you along making you feel special. But you are “just friends”, and that is never going to change; even if you get jealous of the other girls in his life and try to sabotage them. You can start gossip, pull her hair or be mean to her in front of Peter, but he will only get upset with you and make you out to be the bad guy. He is completely innocent in this situation in his eyes. The poor clueless fool can't see beyond your constant companionship and loyalty to your real intentions and your puppy dog love for him.

Tinker Belle is really the best kind of friend even though she has jealousy issues. And oh these are some pretty big issues. Let’s discuss them for a moment. Territorial is one of the best ways to describe a Tink. She cannot stand to see Peter even talk or look at another girl, let alone like her. But all the while she tries to pretend that nothing is wrong and that yes, “we are friends”, “best friends”.
Warnings to Peter’s: Do not have a best friend be a girl. You may not know it, but she might be a Tinkerbell.

So the best qualities of a Tinker Belle: She is loyal, protective, always there when you need her, intuitive of your needs, super cute, charming to everyone around her, and fun. She will always whip out those perfect qualities in your presence.
Everyone will love her. But she is blind to the admiration of anyone else around her. Peter is the most important man in her life.
She would do anything for him; even drink poison.-which she does. Sometimes, over and over again, because she loves Peter and he is dumb and doesn’t listen to her. This poison is sometimes self inflicted, however, because Tink is selfless when with Peter. She does things that are bad for her to make him happy. What could some of these things include? She turns down other opportunities to make new friends or spend time with other people, because he needs her or she feels like she has to. She puts up with his stupid lost boy friends even though they might be crude, annoying and rude. She might just start to dream about their future together because she is trapped in the delusion.

She is resilient however! The applause from the audience always revives her. Who is her audience? It’s her girl friends who always know how to keep her alive. It can even be her mom cheering for her (mostly because she is afraid she will never get married).
To be continued….


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