Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Oil Spill

Oh OH Oh. So yesterday I changed the oil on my scooter for the first time. I came out victorious but not without causing a little bit of damage.
It all started out with me not wanting to lay on the ground outside my apartment under my scooter alone. So I scooted on over to Alyssa and Kekoa's apartment to have a little company.
Outside her place I crawled underneath Stella/ pink lightning and began the process. The cap burst off with great force due to the large spring behind it. I also underestimated how much oil was in my little guy... so it overflowed all over the road. A lot. Once the dripping ended, Alyssa made me run upstairs (since she's all prego and lazy) to get some detergent to soak up the oil. So I spread that everywhere and then climbed back on the ground. The cap and spring posed a problem. It took me like 20 minutes to get that darn thing back on since that spring was so stubborn. Meanwhile I was covered in oil. My hair had found its way into the large puddle and I literally looked like a greasy homeless man. I was wearing my tie dye shirt too... super classy.
The last step was to put oil back in. Not so easy since it was at a weird angle. Kekoa fashioned a nice funnel for me out of a water bottle !! Then I won! Alyssa gave me a D+ I give myself an A!! I was so totally champion!!


So here I am iving in Provo. And I basically hate it. It is probably one of the most overrated towns ever. It's pretty dang hard being away from home and friends. I miss some more than others but they are all missed.
One of the biggest problems I am facing here is that I can't sleep in my apartment and then when I do sleep I have a really weird and vivid dreams. They started as innocent hopeless romantic dreams and then moved to weird. Now they are scary. One of the wierd ones was that I married one of my guy friends, Nate, and it was supposed to be fake but it ended up being real.. so we decided to stay that way. The scary one was that Jared died. And no one would tell me how it happened and then everyone was all "Who are you and why are you here" when I went to the funeral type thing. The only person that would really talk to me was his little brother... but he just kept saying"these things just happen" And I was getting really upset and no one could understand why and then I woke up crying. It was awful. This is what my life is becoming.

But today Jared challened me to read the Book of Mormon by Christmas. We are trying to get other friends to join in. First We gotta think of a realy good incentive. Jared said dinner would be on him for whoever finshes.. but he needs something really good for him. The plan is that the incentive comes to me in a dream tonight. Putting those crazy things to good use.

Sam comes home on Friday and I can't wait until he comes up to visit me since I can't go home. It'll be better here once he comes up.
I need to start my count down until Thanksgiving when I get to go home! I can't wait to see some of my friends. They all were together ast night, which made me sad that I am missing out. It' s ONLY 20 months! Things can't possible change that much in that time right? I'll just keep telling myself that. Just like I keep telling my self that I LOVE singles wards. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Can you sense the sarcasm? Oh I hope so.

Well this is only the beginning of the next 20 months of cynical and desperate sounding posts!


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