Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is how we do it

I have been yelled at repeatedly for not postinf more often. So here I go...

This is how I roll now a days.

This weekend everyone else I know seemed to be on a date. Therefore, I studied. Well actually I watched Hulu and studied. Friday I caught myself up on all the shows I like, then fell asleep reading powerpoints. Saturday, I did my roommate's make up for a date and proceeded to then spend 4 hours at the BYU library. I felt very productive I tell you!! I got myself very ahead for the week!! Which is very good indeed because I am doing a musical on the side. The show is "Once upon a Mattress", and NO it is not as dirty as it sounds. It is the princess and the pea story, grosso.
It's been pretty fun so far, and I am really hoping to make a friend out of it. I think it is going to be very good for me. I feel invigorated as I write!!!!

Ok.. good stuff.
Last night after FHE, my roommates, Nellie and Maquel (coolest cats ever) wanted to watch a movie. Since I was SOOOO over the whole studying thing, I decided to participate. But be fore we sat down in a vegetative state, we christened our chalk board. Well it is really Alyssa's chalk board from her wedding, but I have been taking care of it. I came across a small piece of chalk this weekend and I knew it was a sign that it was time to make the chalk board "OURS". I wrote all the roommates' names on it including Katie's fiances name since he lives with us too. Maquel wrote memorable quotes, and Nellie drew some inspired pieces of art. It is a board of magic.

After this ceremony, we proceeded to sit down and watch......... High School Musical.... Oh yes.
Then afterward, I was filled with high school emotions and spirit, so I threw down my best dance moves. Maquel and Nellie then showed me their best tap moves and it just got crazy from there. It was a true good time.
I like us.
Yeah you only wish you were this cool.

The three of us are totally stoked to move into the beautiful Meringue House in the Spring. It will be magical!

WE made a pact! We will invite new people over at least 2x per week. ... Hopefully we meet new people!!


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