Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shivers!

I am very cold in this here place! It snows sometimes, which makes me sad a little bit. There is not a moment during the day when I can"t see my breath. I do think that I might just freeze to death.
Here is my last WILL AND TESTAMENT!
Mom and Dad
You can sell off anything of mine of value if my school doesn"t reimburse you my tuition.
Dana- you can have any of my clothes and shoes.
Marina- You can fight Dana for any jewelery or whatever you want.
My bonds and money can pay for the funeral and the elaborate dinner party I wish to have held afterward.
Basically that is all I have.
Wait! My $1200 glasses (LOUPES) Those can be sold if neccessary... If not I want to be burried in them. And STELLA- Pink Lightening---- She will need to be my head stone. I will be really upset if this doesn"t happen!

I send my dying and freezing love!

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,
Where have you gone? Once upon a time, you were always there. You were by my side as I went down the slide. Ol buddy, you were there as played with putty. I always could count on you when I needed a wing man or when I needed a you to simply turn on my fan. You were there when I turned 8 and we both loved to skate. You were there when I turned 10. The day I decided to not lie, THAT"S WHEN! Together we were through thick and thin. I"ve never ever been alone ... but today it will begin. I need you dear friend, wherever you are!! I can"t be alone, especially when I don"t have a car... (seriously this is an issue.. I might need a tissue) I am not handling this well, this separation thing. So I call you to you.. I don"t even need a ring! DEAR FRIEND DEAR FRIEND COME FIND ME QUICK! BEFORE THIS LONELINESS MAKES ME OH SO SICK!!!

Much Love,
Your Cara Friend


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