Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunshine Day!

So Saturday was a very good day. I started the day out by thoroughly cleaning my apartment top to bottom. Then at 10 that morning, I ventured off into the world of Great Salt Lake to help Alyssa with a photo shoot. That was just lovely.....
Here is where it gets magical....
Alyssa has been wanting to start a photo project of taking pictures of all the sighn holders and people that have to dress up for advertising.
That is when we saw him!
We couldn't let the opportunity pass by... The project had to be started!
But of course Alyssa had to pee before taking a picture, so she went inside the McDonalds for the bathroom, when Suddenly!... Ronald McDonald appeared.
So we approached the guy, and he was AWESOME! He proceeded to pose me in all of the pictures that we took together. He was very creative.

When we went outside, the Hamburgler was a hoot and posed and flirted up a storm for us.
It was quite a magic afternoon!
The day proceeded to become even more interesting when Miss Brooke Stirling bribed me to go on a blind date in her spot.
SO with an hour to spare I prepped myself, because I am the world's greatest friend.
I hopped on Stella and scooted off into the freezing night to meet my very first blind date.
(sounds exciting doesn't it- kinda like a movie)
Well- surprisingly I had a ton of fun.
The guy WAS shorter than me.. so Brooke owes me $25 billion. She will be paying me in $2 a day installments.
But the group was way great and we laughed oodles while we played games.
I'd say a successful first ever blind date.
It was probably better than most of my real life dates.... Well yep.


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