Monday, November 8, 2010


By a Wendy for a Wendy

When you are face to face with a lost boy:

  1. Get out… don’t even get involved… but if you don’t- adhere to the following:
  2. He has one hour to make an impression… after that you can get out
  3. You never have to say yes, especially if you know he’s a lost boy
  4. Always be in control of the situation- you are a woman and have the power
  5. Know the limit/ line that will not be crossed and stick to it
  6. Look moderately hot for the first date. You can tone it up or down depending on the first impression
  7. Have a first date curfew- midnight is appropriate… earlier is better
  8. Do not laugh and be charming if he isn’t funny or charming
  9. Limit the super personal information- talk about broad topics
  10. Maintain a neutral body language – don’t flirt unless he’s great
  11. Try not to be alone
  12. Always bring cash and a cell phone
  13. Have an escape plan set up. Know where all your exits are and have that “emergency call” on standby
  14. Don’t answer calls or texts after midnight- they are always booty calls
  15. If you are nervous at all that he’s strange- Meet at the place—then he doesn’t know where you live and you have a car.
  16. NEVER fall asleep in his presence. Trust me... the results are disturbing.
  17. Remember- a hundred lost boys will never equal 1 great man. Drop them all if they can't find themselves when you show up


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