Saturday, September 26, 2009

To You, YES YOU... who read.

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I Hope I Never Go Insane

There is a sad fact about life. Pregnant women are crazy. For the 9 months that they are with child, they could probably be institutionalized. They probably should. Men around the world would be much safer.
Another, somewhat crazy thing about life, is that girls' clocks start ticking. Oh yes. And way earlier than they should or often are wanted. At about, eh, 20, every time a girl sees a baby, her heart does a little flip. And then it sinks, because well she doesn't have one (That is if she doesn't already. They are popping them out pretty early now a days). But then she gets her active imagination going. And Oh how it goes! She'll start with thinking about cute clothes that she would dress her baby in. Then grows into "Oh that name would be so perfect!"... And THEN it quickly progresses (hurdles actually)... to "Oh well HE would make beautiful babies with me". Yes that is what happens when a girl sees a baby. But what most of "THAT GIRL" fails to think about is the 9 months of having her eggo- preggo.

She will be insane. When her doting husband is so busy that he fails to do the dishes the first time she asks, she will cry. NO, she will sob and become absolutely hysterical. There will be no reasoning. This hysteria will hurdle to become chaos. There will most likely be a battle. Words of hatred will fly and she will definitely try to do some serious damage to that oh so confused hubby. He will even do the dishes, but it won't help. She'll lock her self in the bathroom to "cool off", but instead it is actually so hot in there that she gets even more agitated. She'll storm out and tell him to leave because she doesn't like him right now. And then she'll start acting like she is 4 and pouting until she throws her self onto the bed. Not until this moment when dear hubby is being super sweet to her, does she slightly recognize that she is being a little bit ridiculous. But will she admit it and apologize? OH Heck NO! She is way too strong of a woman to do THAT. So she guilts poor the poor boy until he leaves her and brings her gifts later.

This behavior is widely accepted in these here United States. I am sure that it is accepted in many other parts of the world, I just have never been there.
How can a husband look at his wife the same way if she acts like she is 4?

I have chosen to educate myself on this issue, so that when the days come when my loins are fertile, I don't become "THAT PREGGO". I would hope too that if anyone starts to sense that my sanity is slipping, that they would call me out on it. BUT if I am just way too proud to admit it... please send me away!
I do pray it never comes to that. I will try my oh so hardest, to not be crazy.
But once those darn hormones go haywire, I really can't promise anything. Just be a pal and be honest with me. If your honesty triggers an attempt at your life, I think that will be a sign to me that I probably shouldn't have more kids.
This however, is my declare: I will be a pleasant pregnant woman. I hear by claim that I refuse to go insane!

This is becomes an official document with my signature.

Cara Dodini


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