Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick One

Just a quickie update.
So is just great. Long hours and tedious work.. but still good. We are getting into all the fun stuff about now!

So Friday morning I took a quick drive down to home. You know.. just a quick 10 hours.
I spent a little time with the fam and then continued to hop into another car and drive up to the lake for a camping trip.
It was worth it because I so totally got up waking boarding like 4 times. Yeah that's right. I am just hoping that lasts until next summer!! Then I'll be too legit to quit.

I missed my Marina and Megann so much and it was great to have some good girl time when we got left on the shore.
It was also fun to see Jared, Brian and Nate. I missed them too.. but at some points the reunion seemed a little off for us. Maybe because I was so tired... maybe because 2 months is a long time in boy hours. Who knows?

At home.... I am not doing so well at the "being present" thing. But my trip has given me a new drive to do so. It's movin' on time I believe. SO I'd better get to it huh?
First up... make new friends!!!! My ward is a little barren at the moment. I propose attending new wards. THAT"S IT! IT WILL BE DONE!

But thank goodness for my roommates. They are a hoot and I love 'em. Love 'em to death. WE laugh at a lot, and I mean A LOT. It's not quite up to the standard of a Marina and I laugh... but it is sufficient for the time being.

Well I cut all my hair off. yes.. almost like Peter Pan which I've always wanted. This is as close as I will ever get I think. To celebrate this accomplishment, I will be portraying Peter Pan for Halloween again. This time I will actually look like a little boy... almost. We'll see.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super duper

I never really liked my birthday. October first sounds pretty nice right? It's actually always on an inconvientient weekend. Conference Weekend. Plus also birthdays just aint what they used to be. Once you are out of high school they just become a situation that is awkward and a little embarrassing. What are you really supposed to do while people are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you? I have taken on the uncomfortable smile and wierd giggle to fill in the space of people singing AT me.

So how did I celebrate my totally stellar 2oth birthday??! Well I went to school. I was in school mode from 730 to 5. The girls were sweet though. The girl who sits next to me made me cookies. And then all the other girls wished me a happy one. Which after awhile started to make me feel awkward.

Then when I got home I got my rent and utilities checks all put together. Oh what fun!
NEt I hopped onto Stella and made the 15 mile ride to my sister's house to pick up some stuff that I needed. THen I jumped right back on and rode home... Did I mention it was 52 degrees and I had no coat, nor gloves, and I was going 50 miles/hr. Needless to say, I was a little cold. So as a Happy birthday to myself, I bought gloves on the way home so that my fingers wouldn't fall off.
Next, my roommates bought me a cake and they sang to me (insert smile and giggle)
Then I scooted over to Alyssa and Koa's house to make sushi. It was yummy!

Then I scooted home and sat for a bit with a couple of my roommates. Then I went to bed. It was just after 10. I guess that was another happy birthday gift to myself.
The next morning I woke up a 7 and scooted the 15 miles to Pleasant Grove to babysit and clean. Oh and this time it was 32 degrees.

Later that night after a waaaay too long ride home (BYU football traffic)
I went to that BYU football game with Brooke, and it was surprisingly fun. First realish football game I have ever been to.
After that we went to the desert and dropped gasoline filled milk jugs down a huge old mine shaft. That was quite terrifying but cool too. IT might require a whole post to itself.

Saturday night... I sat at home. Yep.. thank you general conference.

YAY for being 20


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