Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lefave Card # 2

Imagine this little lovely-

There is a teddy bear in a dark corner. The top of the card reads

“Just when you think you’re alone…”

You open to read- “…Someone lets you know they’re thinking about you!”

And all the rest….

11/ 11/ 94


Thought I would drop you a line- Saw this calendar and for some reason thought of you. (I really really really wish that this calendar was still in the package!)

Wasn’t for sure where you would be for thanksgiving or what you would be doing. But figured to send you this now before the rest of your fan mail started arriving.

My kids are going to Florida with their mother for 10 days over the holiday- I guess its tuna fish sandwiches again this year.

Enjoyed out conversation the last time we talked- Hope things are well for you- “Get some rest” & take care of yourself. Until next time- “May God Bless”.



P.S. For some reason your constantly on my mind….?


Sometimes as I read these words from Lefave, I feel as though he is writing to me. Poor, poor Carolyn. Pat is a super lost boy –creep. He has KIDS, and is fishing for an invite to Thanksgiving. I wonder if she succumbed to his manipulation? I also wonder why he always mentions her “fans”? Jealous and controlling? … I think YES!


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