Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Word Gets Out

Sometimes, the word gets out about my blog. A guy I might go out with will either find the link to my blog on my facebook, stumble in on me while I happen to be writing for it, or I might just mention it and then he'll look it up. Which ever the situation (they have all happened) the young man will always ask a lot of questions. He just seems to want to know everything about the individual that I have exploited through my words. He often asks questions that I really am not comfortable answering. (If I wanted just anyone to know that piece of info... then it would have been put in the story in the first place.)
The best part about going out with guys that have read my blog, is that they try to psychoanalyze me through my creative writing skills.
I love this!
He always seems to think that because he read a couple humorous stories from my escapades, that he knows me; that my personality is crystal clear and that I can be read just like my blog. (Don't talk to me like you knoooooow me!) *sassy voice*

Hehehehehehe (sneeky laugh)
The fun part is that I am so very complex. Oh and I am a decent actress. Actually I am pretty amazing at it.... not to toot my own horn.

Case and point: Once upon a time, there was a boy that I adored. I went to a party with him. He chose to talk to his long lost friends upon arrival. Oh I was not upset at all. I completely understand and I can take care of myself.
Moments later.... there was a commotion. Another short young man struck up a lively conversation about Arizona and dental school with me. I smiled. Oh how I smiled. I carried this dull conversation on for about 15 minutes.
Then... tada! Another young man seized an opportunity to jump into the conversation! I had actually run into this particular young man the night before at work. Ironic!
He struck up a similar conversation about my education and all my goals! (Smooth right? Get me talking about myself and pretend to be engrossed in the magic of my voice!) However, I noticed that every 10.4 seconds, he focused his energy at staring at my chest for a second before reverting back to eye contact.
Not awkward. (sarcasm) Nope not at all. (Actually, I have become aware that almost all males cannot have a conversation with me without looking down. And no... turtle neck sweaters do not make a difference. I have accepted that it will happen and I will not get become enraged or judge him too harshly.)

I then turned the conversation to him and got him to talk about himself a little (I was sick of hearing my own voice). When there wasn't much more to say, the new young man asked if I was dating the friend I had come with.
Well... no indeed was not dating this boy.
So he asked if he could take me out sometime and got my number.
I was hesitant. And I could hear it in my voice.
But he was a nice kid. I just wasn't really interested.

When I could walk back over to my "adored" friend, I told him that I couldn't believe he left me standing there for so long. His reply- "You looked like you were having fun."  Hahahahhahaha..... oh oh oh. ***** Point made****
I can smile my way through any situation. My eyes just do that sparkling thing!!!!
He asked if that boy was a lost boy. I told him no- I just wasn't interested.
And then I blamed him for letting me get asked out because he left me standing there. Then I fake punched him in the stomach. Childish behavior- yes. But who cares?

Anyways... point made. I was not having fun.. I was just being polite and filling in space since I was standing alone. I am just a really great pretender.

It is an art-form really. Or I will just keep telling myself that since I do it all the time and I am getting really great at it.
But the thoughts were these:
-This kid is nice
-I still need to be dating (even though I kinda almost hate it)
-There are more experiences to be had and personalities and characteristic to be met.
-He may never call
-Be polite Cara

Yes be polite Cara. Always polite...

Dear boys... all boys (especially the ones that aren't lost)
Please do not be afraid of me even though I am a master of disguise. Don't let my outrageous experiences, my sparkling eyes, my ginormous smile, my award winning acting skills, nor my life dreams intimidate you.
Plus also.... please do not try to analyze me through my rantings.
The stories are true, but sometimes the energy displayed in the words is far more intense that I might actually present on the outside. You might be learning somethings from reading about my experience, but don't think you know who I am from them.
Just learn that it is not ok to kiss girls while they are asleep on the couch especially after she told you you were just friends; keep first dates short; never make fun of her hair- especially when it is your fault it is wet; and just don't ever ask a girl if she is a prostitute. Those are just real social faux pas.

Here is some more truth:
I am exaggerating a little bit about my acting. I do actually enjoy having conversations with people. I love meeting new people and I do actually get excited about topics and stories people tell me. I am still a genuine person. And once you get to know me... you will really know when my eyes are sparkling at you because I am  in love with the moment I am sharing with you, or if they are just sparkling out of polite behaviors. It's ok to take a chance on me to find out.

This is how you should get to know me:
-ask me on a real date (fully planned but not too intense)
-ask me lots of questions
-tell me about yourself and watch my face carefully for my reactions
-*try to make me laugh (A real laugh. My ugly laugh.) It will tell you a lot about me.*
- ask me to include you in on something special in my life (If I let you spend time with my family- it's kind of a big deal)
-try to create a story that wouldn't end up here
-let me do something for you. (If I actively do something for someone... I am interested and yeah it's kind of a big deal)
-actively try to spend time with me. (my first love language attribute is time- so spend a little time with me)

My blog does not define me. Wendy does not define me.
Let me define me.


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