Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Say Whaaaaat??

These are some of the most memorable things that anyone has ever said to me. Yes these are all direct quotes. I have come to truly understand that boys have word vomit/ verbal diarrhea waaaay worse than I do. I thought I had no filter. No, no. I do. Boys don't.
This is just the beginning... I will continue to add things as they return to my mind. 

You’re probably really good at the bend and snap.
I really just want to hold you right now. Is that cool or just too soon?
Can I hold your hand?
Have you ever been kissed like this before?
Can I have a kiss?

You have perfect teeth and very nice breasts. Your husband will be a very lucky man.

Do you believe you are cute? Believe it.
You have the biggest tits ever.
I dream about you. A LOT!
Me: Like what?
They cannot be repeated.
You're asking me why I am 30 and single?! That's like me asking you why you have the most perfect and supple breasts in the entire world?!

Don't you feel that intense attraction between us?

Do I fit the criteria of your knight in shinning armor?
I am just sitting here regretting that I missed my opportunity to hold you and kiss you.
Hey it was nice to see u on Sunday. U always are so sweet and fun to talk to, not to mention so cute. If I was only 25 I would fly to Utah every other weekend to take u out.

Wanna join in the fun??
Please, please, please help me build this list. The plan is to have quotes like this be the beginning of every chapter in my book. So comment/ share with me and the world the best things that any Lost Boy/Girl has ever said to you!

ps. If you ever said any of this to me. I probably still like you as a person. Don't get offended. Be excited that something you said I will always remember. Also, some of these things weren't even bad. I just remembered... and it probably made me laugh at you a little to your face. And that is really ok!


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