Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home is love. At least my home is. I feel so much better about being home this time than last time. My spirits are much brighter and I am in less of a MOOD. I am filled with joy that it still feels like home here and I hope it always does.
The hardest part about coming home is that I know I have to go back. Last time I cried a little bit. yeah

It started out to well!

First I woke up nice and early and made myself presentable and ventured off to Oasis Orthodontics! I got to visit my working girls! And I so totally miss working. I wanted to jump in and help out so bad. I can't wait until I am working on my own patients again. !JANUARY! (please feel free to come in and be one of my first official hygiene patients)

Next I got chill with the girls. Marina and I gossiped and filled one another in on our lives and got all caught up. I miss that girl I tell ya. Then we went SHOPPING! Brooke, Lindsay, Marina, Sis Stirling, and I perused Forever 21. I walked away with a smashing little sweater and some kickin tights. I am excited about those.
Megann met up with us and then I got to spend some one on one time with her.
NEXT (after making myself eating waaay too much Chipotle ) It was girls time again with Kaitlyn, Keri, Brooke, Megann, and my cute self. You realize how much your friends all mean to you when you really don't have them anymore!

We all watched a video that Brooke and Linz made for their FHE and I think that I laughed so hard that I caused some internal damage to my body.

Jared called and we all went over to his house- AFTER Austy met up with us. I miss that kid! He is a quality human I tell ya. He was so excited for me to come home that he even posted it on Facebook-- now THAT is a true friend. AND He is out of his non-hugging stage. How good is THAT?

At Jared's, Brian, Megann and I played a competitive game of ping pong. I was laughing AGAIN so HARD that I think that I seriously caused some trauma. I couldn't breath and I almost fell to the floor. That's how you can know that I love you- I fall on the floor in laughter whenever I am around you!!

So far Home is Still Sweet Home.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunshine Day!

So Saturday was a very good day. I started the day out by thoroughly cleaning my apartment top to bottom. Then at 10 that morning, I ventured off into the world of Great Salt Lake to help Alyssa with a photo shoot. That was just lovely.....
Here is where it gets magical....
Alyssa has been wanting to start a photo project of taking pictures of all the sighn holders and people that have to dress up for advertising.
That is when we saw him!
We couldn't let the opportunity pass by... The project had to be started!
But of course Alyssa had to pee before taking a picture, so she went inside the McDonalds for the bathroom, when Suddenly!... Ronald McDonald appeared.
So we approached the guy, and he was AWESOME! He proceeded to pose me in all of the pictures that we took together. He was very creative.

When we went outside, the Hamburgler was a hoot and posed and flirted up a storm for us.
It was quite a magic afternoon!
The day proceeded to become even more interesting when Miss Brooke Stirling bribed me to go on a blind date in her spot.
SO with an hour to spare I prepped myself, because I am the world's greatest friend.
I hopped on Stella and scooted off into the freezing night to meet my very first blind date.
(sounds exciting doesn't it- kinda like a movie)
Well- surprisingly I had a ton of fun.
The guy WAS shorter than me.. so Brooke owes me $25 billion. She will be paying me in $2 a day installments.
But the group was way great and we laughed oodles while we played games.
I'd say a successful first ever blind date.
It was probably better than most of my real life dates.... Well yep.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Play Day

Today I get to go to a musical, and I am oh so excited!! It has been avery long time since I have seen a show, which breaks my heart. My dear roommate Nellie has tickets to Little Shop Of Horrors at the Hale Theater in Orem... and the sweetie is letting me tag along! Isn't that like the nicest thing you ever did hear??!! I really like Little Shop.. Someday I will play Audrey... I am a natural born Audrey.
This basically the only exciting thing that I have done since my birthday... So the stokedness is bursting from me!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shivers!

I am very cold in this here place! It snows sometimes, which makes me sad a little bit. There is not a moment during the day when I can"t see my breath. I do think that I might just freeze to death.
Here is my last WILL AND TESTAMENT!
Mom and Dad
You can sell off anything of mine of value if my school doesn"t reimburse you my tuition.
Dana- you can have any of my clothes and shoes.
Marina- You can fight Dana for any jewelery or whatever you want.
My bonds and money can pay for the funeral and the elaborate dinner party I wish to have held afterward.
Basically that is all I have.
Wait! My $1200 glasses (LOUPES) Those can be sold if neccessary... If not I want to be burried in them. And STELLA- Pink Lightening---- She will need to be my head stone. I will be really upset if this doesn"t happen!

I send my dying and freezing love!

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,
Where have you gone? Once upon a time, you were always there. You were by my side as I went down the slide. Ol buddy, you were there as played with putty. I always could count on you when I needed a wing man or when I needed a you to simply turn on my fan. You were there when I turned 8 and we both loved to skate. You were there when I turned 10. The day I decided to not lie, THAT"S WHEN! Together we were through thick and thin. I"ve never ever been alone ... but today it will begin. I need you dear friend, wherever you are!! I can"t be alone, especially when I don"t have a car... (seriously this is an issue.. I might need a tissue) I am not handling this well, this separation thing. So I call you to you.. I don"t even need a ring! DEAR FRIEND DEAR FRIEND COME FIND ME QUICK! BEFORE THIS LONELINESS MAKES ME OH SO SICK!!!

Much Love,
Your Cara Friend


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