Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Old Dream... I am so weird

I had a very interesting dream the other night.  2/11/11 -- old - never published

This is how it went:

My sister Alyssa and I were out and about somewhere, when all f a sudden we get pushed on this very small and ancient charter bus. This was no ordinary charter bus. It was filled with the elderly.
There were no more seats on the bus so I took a standing position against a window. (I think this appeared in my dream because I had to stand against the wall at the social security office for an hour that day.)
It was raining something nasty as we were paraded onto the bus. I kept looking down at my phone to see what time is was (I had to be back at school by 1) It was 12. We had time.
The rain stopped and the driver of this bus was taking some sharp turns.
As we turned a corner, one of the old ladies yells "There are people behind us, watch out". I turned to see who was behind us.

A geriatric bicycle gang. These were absolutely the oldest people on the planet. Then men were wearing shorts, and everyone had on little sun hats (male/female versions)

Then she yells out out the back window, "Watch out for the puddles! There are bees in there!" She seemed very concerned about her geriatric comrades.
However, the bike gang members hissed at me through the window. 

We then pulled up into a very ritzy neighborhood.  Apparently the elderly like to take walks and look at really expensive homes.
 As we pulled up to the first house on the stop, and piled out of the bus, I recognized the house. I had seen it in a magazine.
Then it all clicked.
This house was famous because the girl that owned it was a millionaire made by babysitting.
I scanned the rest of the neighborhood and then recollected the article.
She lived in a millionaire singles neighborhood.(A kind of millionaires club -if you have seen "The Millionaire Matchmaker").
This neighborhood was special. The homeowners association of that 'hood want everyone to know who lived where.

How was this achieved?
Every house had a giant,framed  picture of the resident hung above the front door. Oh yes.

Let me describe our little babysitting millionaire house.
A large town  house sized brick house. There was a white picket face surrounding the little property. From the fence hung sparkly, bedazzled jewels.

Bahaa---- so this was a dream I decided to write down in February of 2011. I don't really remember where I was going with this... but it sure is funny. 

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