Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work for it.

(This post was originally started in February of 2011.)

This Wendy hat
The irony of my life- I am surrounded by lost boys and pirates (dangerous lost boys). They seem to just flock to me and I can't beat them away with stick. (Mostly because my eyes do that sparkling thing and my smile engrosses my entire head). I  DON'T WANT YOU, YOU LOST BOYS! (I am throwing a huge foot stomping tantrum).
 There... I said it! I don't want the douchebag, the jerk, or the social reject.
I want the nice guy! The one that makes you feel like you are a better person just because he sent you a text that day. Don't even get me started about how uplifted you feel when you are actually with him and having a conversation.

EVERYONE I have ever met, has brought me down. Even the slightest degree. Well maybe not EVERYONE and down - but never uplifted.

However, there is that person that makes you want to be perfect, because he is perfect.
Obviously, no one is really perfect. But it is a rarity for me to not see fault in a boy. I have ways of sniffing out the skeletons from boys' closets.

So I have seen this infamous perfect creature hidden  in this creep filled world. It is almost like seeing a unicorn slide down a rainbow.

Here's the issue... I am not used to actually having to work for a relationship that I want. Well... I haven't really even wanted a relationship until this point. I am at the cross roads. I am graduating from college, and now it is time for me to start a grown up life.
I have know the perfection "subject" for only a small amount of time.

Super funny.... but I actually married this perfect subject almost a year ago.   It is a long story all on its own... But I will write how this Wendy Bird stopped flying away and found her Man.  

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